Code contributions

Android Link push for Opera

phone You can click the phone icon or drag it onto your opera toolbar and it will install a button into your opera. Clicking this button will then submit the current page to link page.

Proxy switch for Opera

In this growing age of proxies how many times have you found you use multiple proxies? Wouldn't it be great if opera had an easy way to change the proxy you are using? Well now there is. First you locate where you want the buttons. Right click on this toolbar area and select "appearance" and then the buttons tab. Under preferences you will find the Enable Proxy Servers check box. Drag this into the toolbar area you want the proxy items to be in. Then click ok and close opera. Then in your standard_toolbar.ini file (C:\Documents and Settings\**YourWindowsUserName**\Application Data\Opera\Opera\toolbar) you need to locate the section (in my case [Status Toolbar Tail.content]) by looking for a line similiar to "Checkbox0, 960290639=Enable proxy servers | Disable proxy servers" and add the following code:

you will end up with something that looks like:

Proxy1/proxy2 will be the labels that are shown on the toolbar. In this example both the http and https proxies are set however you can use different proxies for each by changing their respective settings. You can also change the other proxy types at the same time by copying the & and all the code after it then adding it to the end of the line.